In the mood for a fresh feel of nature? Why not (re-)discover WesLorien's Tokien-esque first age elven woods and have a glance at +Modee Parlez's gorgeously designed new elven sailship "Loria". Unfold the many additions, tweaks and naturally animated wild life while you enjoy the ancient woods: grid.vibel.eu:8002:weslorien.


20190319 StatenjachtUtrecht2


Some people just adore playing with vehicles. Some looove rezzing their sailing ships on different sailing friendly grids. Trouble Ahead & Cata Raven have tested ViBel's large area of 9 3x3 VAR's running on LaNani's 17 March OpenSim Snail Dev version, which allows smooth sim crossing.

As a next step at learning to script LSL to move and animate mesh faces on multiple linked prims, we proudly can say that it's progressing well: the static rabbits have been scripted to fourage in the woods, cautiously looking around and raise their bodies above the grass field, before hopping to the clover fields to gather their food.

Finished a new nature scene for you to enjoy: a cenote (water cave) where the water element was celebrated by the Elves at WesLorien. HG address: grid.vibel.eu:8002/weslorien (241,657,20)

Shelby Evans made a nice recording about the sailing competition, scripted by Kayaker Magic and deployed on Trouble Aheads' Tessin Region on Kitely grid. The video demonstrates a race between our own Cata Raven and Trouble Ahead.


Sailing race in the MUVEs: MUVE stands for "Multi-User Virtual Environment".
Video of a race among virtual state yachts of 18th century Utrecht.
Location: Tessin (Kitely)

Sailing with scripts from Ocean Engineering https://www.kitely.com/market/product/20326114/VOC-Batavia-galleon
Go there on the Hypergrid Hypergrid address: grid.kitely.com:8002:Tessin Paste this HG address in the [Find] field of the World Map in your Viewer,
Click Find and Teleport.

Tessin is a mountainous 16 VAR region, with lots of open sea. This "world" (as a region is called on Kitely) is made especially for sailing and sailing battles. Nature , fishing, hiking, old villages and role-play. Ships for sailors are available in rezzers to participate in a race (can be done any time, we have a competition running)

More information on Tessin's website: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com


I take solice in the fact that worlds like Second Life exist, populated by dreamers, in who's creations I find shelter: this journey was never mine alone. https://youtu.be/WuNH5oR15B8

We have prepared a nice menu driven scripted mesh horse in 4 colors black/white/gray/brown and 3 poses, either static or animated, for you to grab at Weslorien grid.vibel.eu:8002:Weslorien 460/492/23  (great to un-clutter your inventory).
There are some known permission issues on the current release of OpenSimulator when visiting the Hypergrid. This might prevent you from taking a copy.  If that happens, please just IM Roland Francis for a copy and he will drop it in your inventory.

4Horses 3poses menu

OpenSim grids can run the standard LSL commands. On top of that, they also have additional functionality through the OpenSimulator Scripting Language (OSSL). For example, OpenSim-specific commands can force teleports, which is useful for building walk-through teleport gates or weapons that immediately send someone to a virtual hell when they’re hit. There is also a number of commands for creating and managing non-player characters (NPCs) and to put text and graphics on a prim.

Read the full article on https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2018/03/new-lsl-editor-released/

The Windows based software can be downloaded at the Source Forge page and the manual is available from this Google Doc page.

Lightshare on OpenSim is the equivalent of Second Life's windlight functionality, which is fully supported on OpenSim.
Generally, this is done with your viewer to change your personal viewing experience or to set a region -if you are the owner- for all visitors to enjoy.  Here are the instructions for the Phoenix viewer http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_windlight

http://opensimulator.org/wiki/LightShare Find the section "LightShare Scripting" and follow the links.


Also check out this link: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XsBXDc

Changing the windlight settings directly in your Firestorm Viewer

Any landowner can easily set up Phoenix Windlight settings with a simple change to the description of your land in the About-Land tab.

Just add a line like this at the end of the parcel description in the About Land -> General tab:

 /*Sky:"[preset]"Water:"[preset]" RegionOverride*/

Example: If the sky preset is to be 'Incongruent Truths' ( my favorite) and the water preset 'Pond' and the parcels description is ”My place” then the parcel description would be like this:

Your land description

/*Windlight Sky:"Coastal Afternoon" Water: "Naco's Lake Water" Sky @ 600m to 5000m:"A-6PM"*RegionOverride*/
Created by Oni Kenkon Creations
Nebadon Izumi "UCI edu1"

5 seconds after someone using Phoenix enters a parcel, the viewer will prompt for permission to change their settings, or to ignore them. For you, the settings will auto-apply if the land is owned by you, the land is owned by a friend, the land is deeded to a group you are a member of, or you previously granted permissions to change to the same land owner on this or another parcel.

You can also set parameters for altitude, such as for a skybox, independently of the land settings at ground level..

For more information on various options, check the Phoenix viewer blog at this link.


vibel blog USinOS Valentine

Valentine's Day has long been celebrated as a day to honor and celebrate love and romance throughout the world of the 14th of February, ut how did this tradition begin?

Read all about it in "Us in OS Magazine - Issue 3 by Cataplexia Numbers of OSGrid