Shelby Evans made a nice recording about the sailing competition, scripted by Kayaker Magic and deployed on Trouble Aheads' Tessin Region on Kitely grid. The video demonstrates a race between our own Cata Raven and Trouble Ahead.


Sailing race in the MUVEs: MUVE stands for "Multi-User Virtual Environment".
Video of a race among virtual state yachts of 18th century Utrecht.
Location: Tessin (Kitely)

Sailing with scripts from Ocean Engineering
Go there on the Hypergrid Hypergrid address: Paste this HG address in the [Find] field of the World Map in your Viewer,
Click Find and Teleport.

Tessin is a mountainous 16 VAR region, with lots of open sea. This "world" (as a region is called on Kitely) is made especially for sailing and sailing battles. Nature , fishing, hiking, old villages and role-play. Ships for sailors are available in rezzers to participate in a race (can be done any time, we have a competition running)

More information on Tessin's website: