Based on a Concept of Star Trek IX -  Insurrection

The storyline is based on a concept written by Julian Reishl in Star Trek IX's Insurrection . It describes the immortal Ba'ku, whose planet offers regenerative radiation and therefore incredible lifespans, live in harmony with nature and reject advanced technology. Their planet and their culture is secretly researched by the Federation associated with an alien race called the Son'a.

star trek ix insurrection time control

But the Son'a intend to abduct the Ba'ku in order to take the planet for themselves and for the Starfleet officials who all would like to regenerate their bodies. But they did not think of the loyalty of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E to the Prime Directive .

One of the nicer fragments in this overall B- rated movie depicts the ability of the Ba'Ku to "lose yourself in the moment", where time is being manipulated to an almost stand-still.

The Discovery of Vibel-7

In the early days, when NASA's Kepler mission published several discoveries of Earth-like planets, on April 17 2014, NASA's Kepler Discovers First Earth-Size Planet In The 'Habitable Zone' of Another Star and on July 23, 2015, when NASA's Kepler mission confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone” around a sun very similar to our star: NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth   it was only a matter of time until the discovery of ViBel-7 would hit the news.

kepler186f artistconcept 1920x600

The artist's concept depicts Kepler-186f , the first validated Earth-size planet to orbit a distant star in the habitable zone
Credits: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech - Full Image