Everyone is welcome to visit the Neiferleaf.  We do encourage and appreciate casual role play,

Guest Friendly Region: Role-Players Wear a Titler

Since this is a guest friendly region, avatars engaging in role-play wear a "titler".
The titler indicates that they are willing to interact "In Character" (IC) while guests and visitors are considered to be Out Of Character (OOC).


We hope that you will come and enjoy role-playing at ViBel. Here are a few simple rules:

  1. Have Fun

  2. Pick up after yourself. Feel free to rez those items you need for your RP but remember to pick them up. If you have an ongoing RP line please contact Roland Francis (the SIM Owner) and considerations will be made to set the build up permanently.

  3. No griefing or enforcement or rudeness without prior conscent of your co-players. Having fun goes both ways.

  4. Keep local chat In-Character (IC). Out-Of-Character (OOC) chat should be in private IM's.

  5. If your character needs to laugh then we'd appreciate doing so in-character. Please avoid "Net-speak" such as LOL. LMFAO, brb, ttyl, omg, etc.)
    Example > /me laughs out loud.

Neiferleaf Roland and OnlyOne


You can be any character in any life form that you would like to express yourself with.


There is no current sovereign, (King, Queen, Earl, Duke, etc.) but there can be and that is up to you and your RP.
Gather your friends and establish a Court of Royals.

The following Factions are permissible to rule:

East Dax
West Dax

The following are not permitted to rule - Itonians of the G.I.F.T. (Galactic Itonian Federation of Trade).


For those that do not seek to Rule there are Guilds to join >

* Scholars Guild - Story writers and historians

* Craftsmen Guild - builders

* Butcher Guild - those who make or sell meats,

* Merchants Guild - Those who build, create, and or sell Marketable goods, (Food other than meat, furniture, beverages, etc. )

* Clerics Guild - This is the current religion of the land which can change as the ruling class changes. As the religion changes the other religions go into hiding. They still exist and practice just not in the open.

* Healers Guild - These are the physicians of the realm.

In this realm guilds were established to protect the stability of the middle and lower classes from the instability of the Royals.

How to Apply

Please visit the Reeve's Office at hop://grid.vibel.eu:8002/Neiferleaf/1353/1360/110 and submit your application and questions there.
You can also use the mailbox at the Neiferleaf Landing Point hop://grid.vibel.eu:8002/Neiferleaf/956/1299/23.
The application notecards are also available here for you to copy/paste as a note card.