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A global community loves to socialize & enjoy you for being you. Join us now.
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Discover a wide range of virtual worlds. Get an elegant, interactive and animated experience.
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(learn with ease to) Create 3D worlds using top class free software and scripting

What is ViBel?

ViBel is a HyperGrid enabled virtual worlds network. The platform is based on BSD licensed software provided by the OpenSimulator Project since it was founded in January 2007. It was initially open sourced by Linden Lab to crowdsource code contributions for its virtual world called Second Life.

On average, software updates are released weekly by the OpenSimulator Project Dev Team
The current release of ViBel is version 0.9.2 of July 2021.

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Not a game, but a PLATFORM to explore virtual worlds created by users like you. The immersive feeling is absolutely FABULOUS, ON SCREEN as well as with VR goggles.


You can chill and socialize or be creative if you love (to learn) building in 3D, texturing, sculpting, landscaping, scripting... Be inspired. Get help ANY TIME, ANYWHERE.


Do you like storytelling, writing, animating or filming? Get the tools to create wonderful animations, machinima 3D movies and create amazing (visual) stories.

Totally Free

Own what is yours, be in total control of your assets without spending money. Share your talent or get paid for your creations, the choice is yours.

Our Team

Roland Francis
Roland Francis Founder
Active in virtual worlds since 2006 and known as @RolandFrancis, Roland is a well reputed independent consultant in Web Communication, Web Strategy and Metaverse Solutions.
OnlyOne Jewell
OnlyOne Jewell Manager
As creator of the famous Songs-n-Roses prototypes in Second Life, OnlyOne is Roland's right hand with a great sense for details for in-world coordination and support.
Wimpy Weezles
Wimpy Weezles Developer
For technicall matters, we trust Wimpy's insight and experience. His focus is the BartelBe Grid, the development of our website and sysadmin activities.