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WesLorien's Elvenwood offers a warm welcome to all natural wood loving creatures. Once the home of the Lorien Elves, the region was depopulated during the Fourth Age until all Elves were gone. The woods and the elven homes have been maintained by the creatures who reside there, hoping l that the Elves eventually will return to claim their home once again.

Elbereth Elentari's writes in her Diary, The Realm of Annwn:

The air tasted somewhat forlorn and although the majesty of Celeborn and Galadriel's realm was still evident, the mossy forest scent told tales of the decay of the Golden Woods since the Elves who had dwelt there returned to the West.
Elbereth was grateful for the stillness and memories of dancing and feasting as the moonshine pierced the leafy canopy overhead elevated her spirits.
She missed Galadriel dearly, the Lady of Lorien had been generous with her knowledge and time and Elbereth had learnt most of what she knew of Middle Earth from her.

She had fled Tavrobel.
True, she had consulted her scrying waters to be certain that Tirion's return from the Shire was only a matter of hours away, but then she had fetched her horse and headed eastward at speed. She let out a sob. The encounter with the Woodland King had left her bewildered and she had sought out the tranquility of Lothlorien.
Telvolas had left her and returned to Dorthonion, but he was awaiting her response and demanding she acknowledge that which bound them...

She buried her face in the warm coat of the impressive stallion beside her, her brow creased with anxiety... How long did she still have? Which path should she take? Why had this happened to her at all?
Elbereth sighed, maybe coming here had not been such a good idea... the fading of the Elves could be felt strongly among these blessed trees and they whispered softly to her that any guidance from Galadriel was irrevocably lost.

Elbereth Elentari at Weslorien 201709

(Photo taken by Elbereth Elentari - the glorious WesLorien's ElvenWoods: grid.vibel.eu:8002:WesLorien)
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